How to Hook up an X Rocker Gaming Chair

How to Hook up an X Rocker Gaming ChairThere’re several ways for extending the fun of playing video games, and gaming chair is one of those. Ranging from cloth or vinyl covering to valuable leather upholstery, these chairs come in a number of styles and designs. These seats are not merely meant for relaxed seating – their main function is to enhance the gaming experience.

What’s the Need of a Gaming Chair

There are a number of reasons standing in favor of buying a gaming chair. Besides offering a comfortable seating position, these chairs are clutched with speakers, cup holders and a few other features that enhance the pleasure of gaming. These chairs helps to the users to stay away from aching posterior which is generated as a result of playing video games for long hours. Everyone desires to have some kind of movement during gaming – which makes these chairs a worthy product to invest in.

Even a few of the models feature convenient pockets that allow storing different kinds of controllers. Some of them also possess wireless/wired surround sound that enable them to offer an ultimate gaming experience to the users.

Another element that adds to the factors that favor owning a gaming chair is the additional parts that are equipped with the chair such as a mount for gear shifts, steering wheels, specialized controllers and joysticks, to name a few.

The gaming chairs come in a wide range of varieties. But when it comes to the best of all, X Rocking Gaming Chair stands on top of the list. The listings briefed below will help in knowing the product in a better way.

X Rocking Gaming Chair – The Best Of All Kinds

This innovative chair just redefines the home entertainment. X Rocker gaming chair not only offers an ultimate gaming experience to the users, but it is also clutched with a groundbreaking sound system that allows the users to enjoy an unparalleled level of entertainment.

  • Allows the user to build a deep interactive with the game, movie, etc..
  • It is clutched with 2 Forward Facing Speakers features Powerful Subwoofer that gives an incredible sound experience to the user.
  • It features wireless Headphone Jack and Audio Transmission.

These super features have made X Rocking an awesome gadget for the ultimate delight of gaming.

Why Choose X-Rocker?

Clutched With AFM Technology

Audio Force Modulation encompasses ported power subwoofers and speakers which magnifies the sound quality using the open space that lies inside the X Rocker.

Features High-tech Sound Systems

This full-bodied, unique sound system gaming chair has been designed to improve sound quality and to amplify sound which offers the experience of complete media immersion to the user. The sound system of the X- Rocker features 4 built-in speakers that offer a multi-sensory experience.

Easily Build Connection with Media

This Gaming Chair can be connected to almost all the media devices, including PS3, iPods, Wii, PSP, Xbox360, DVD players , etc..

How to Hook up a X Rocker Gaming Chair?

Setting up the X Rocker gaming Chair is quite easy. The best part is you need not to be a professional engineer to set up the product. Hooking up the chair requires 3 connections: a power cable and 2 audio cables. Check out the steps mentioned below in order to know How to hook up a X Rocker gaming chair:

Step 1: Open the packing and take the product out of the box and unfold it. Bring the seat and back lock in an erect position. Place the product where you want to play.

Step 2: Plug the white , red and yellow AV cables to the matching coded jacks of the gaming system.

Step 3: Then plug the yellow connector to the television set’s video input jack.

Step 4: The other end of red and white cables is to be plugged in to the chair’s audio input jacks.

Step 5: Then the DC power plug is to be inserted into the chair’s electrical jack that lies just next to the audio jacks and plug the other end into the wall outlet.

Step 6: Turn on the television and the gaming system. And switch on the X Rocker gaming chair , set the desired volume and just enjoy gaming.


The X Rocker is clutched with a number of super features that has made it a highly effective, convenient and reliable gadget that takes the player to just another wolrd when gaming.

So hurry up and place your order today!

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Best Gaming Chairs For Xbox One

If you are a serious gamer who enjoys extreme gaming sessions lasting for hours lasting for hours, then you should invest in a very comfortable chair. An uncomfortable chair will cause neck cramps and back pains making you feel bored after a short while. Therefore, when playing racing games without the best gaming chairs for xbox one, discomfort eventually takes a toll on you making you lose concentration. So if you are ardent about extreme gaming a comfy chair is a must have.

Best Gaming Chairs For Xbox One

Benefits of Having the Best Gaming Chair

Comfort: A good gaming chair will give you an exciting immersion feel into any game you are playing. At minimum gaming chairs offer extra comfort. Best gaming chairs, however, further offer additional features including vibration and subwoofer settings to accord you extra boom. They are the highly advanced and most updated gaming chairs available in the market.

Affordability: the highly performing gaming chairs are amazingly affordable. Considering the comfort and extra features that best gaming chairs for xbox one come with one would expect the same to cost a lot but to your surprise, the cost is relatively low. This aspect makes the gaming chairs excellent gaming essentials that you must acquire.

Variety: whether you are a fan of recliners or the simple pin bag type, the gaming chairs come in a wide variety of styles. So, even if you are a bachelor simply trying to spruce up your pad, rest assured that you will find best gaming chairs to meet your needs.

Features: among the many exciting features is an excellent sound system. For instance, if you are a fan of xbox 360 then its remarkable sound system makes pulling the trigger feels like an eruption of volume every time you are playing. This makes you enjoy the thrill of the game more increasing your concentration and minimizing interruptions.

Best Gaming Chairs For Xbox One

X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Gaming Chair

This wireless video gaming chair has a number of exciting features such as securely built arms, padded headset, backrest as well as easy, simple and convenient set up. It will only take you five minutes or even less to set up. Its swivel and tilt effectively gives it additional comfort. Besides, it has 2 speakers plus a 2.1 AFM powerful subwoofer that produces excellent sound effects and vibration while playing video games or listening to music.

Acer Bayou 4.1, X-Rocker Pedestal

Made of wood and metal frame, this wireless game chair is mounted on a robust pedestal base. It is a classy red and black chair fitted with four powerful speakers and subwoofer with good surround sound. X-Rocker in the most innovative chair fitted with Bluetooth allowing you to wirelessly connect other media has a powerful 2.1 sound system complete with a subwoofer and isolated bass and volume controls specifically designed to offer high quality audio technology that effectively provides the ultimate audio experience.

Playseat Evolution Forza for Motorsport

This is the official Forza Motorsport sim racing seat. It is very comfortable and can be used in conjunction with Thrustmaster Tx Racing Trundle Ferrari 458. Even if you play Forza 5 for hours, everything will work just fine. It is a very strong product that any serious extreme games player should consider buying. It is also easy to modify a range of driver heights and settings besides the foot pedal plate being fully adjustable.

Reasons Why You Should Buy Best Gaming Chairs

Best gaming chairs have integrated top quality speaker systems effectively eliminating the bothersome wired earphones or headphones. They have ports through which you can connect headphones. You will not have to stop while playing to adjust the bass or treble since most of them have dedicated in-built controllers. They are crafted with strong materials, high quality foams as well as memory cushions, and covered with strong fabric or leather for extra durability and style.


Chairs boost your gaming experience thanks to their realistic movements, vibrations and sound. Best gaming chairs for xbox one, in particular, move alongside your every motion bringing out a realistic feel. Apart from gaming, the chairs are excellent for relaxation. You can also watch movies by simply plugging in your DVD or home theatre and watch a movie. They are also height adjustable allowing your legs free movement for added mobility and comfort.

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How to Choose The Best Gaming Chair: Things to Consider

A gaming chair is typically a special chair that is designed and built to transform your gaming experience. When shopping for a gaming chair, it is very important to have a clear idea of what you are looking for. This will raise your chances of buying the right chair. Well, you might be having a high-end gaming console, but your choice of gaming chair can transform your overall experience depending on the choice you make.

A wrong choice attracts a significant amount of consequences. A wrong gaming chairs leads to discomfort and unnecessary distractions. Spending lots of time in the wrong unit is seen to be the major cause of back pains in a fair share of gaming enthusiasts.

This not only compromises your gaming skills but your ability to compete favorably as well. Well, the need for a gaming chair cannot be overemphasized. For a lasting solution, this article intends to take you through some important parameters to look for when shopping for a gaming chair.

How to Choose a Gaming Chair? – Parameters to Consider for The Best Experience

Choosing a Gaming Chair: Things to Consider

1. Ergonomics and comfort

Good ergonomics designs lead to lasting comfort. A good chair should come with memory foam cushion, quality armrests and a number of leaning options. With a good design, you are not only able to sit for a longer time, but play better as well.

2. Height of The Chair

This is a very important parameter to look for when shopping for a gaming chair. You need to be at an optimal height to compete favorably. When the chairs height is ergonomically correct, your visibility is enhanced in a way and you are able to move freely. Besides getting a chair with the right height for you, a gaming chair that offers a height adjustment option is an excellent choice not only for you, but for your family members as well.

3. Space Requirements

When shopping for a gaming chair, space is a very important parameter to consider. Depending on the area of use, different gaming chairs are designed differently. For instance, when playing in your living room, a compact chair with wireless speakers can be a good choice. With a wireless unit, tripping hazards during game-play are taken care of.

4. Ease of Storage

Well, video games are not meant to be played all day. With limited space, it is advisable to shop for a good chair that easy to fold and keep away when not in use.

5. Additional Features

A gaming experience is not all about your sitting experience. A gaming chair should present other features that lead to an immerse gaming experience. These include:

  • Vibration options
  • Built in pedals- for an interactive experience during car racing
  • Gyroscopic movements for a realistic gaming experience

There are different gaming chair designs. A good choice gives the much-needed assurance that you will be able to enjoy every minute of game-play. Before arriving at your final choice, it is important to consider all the aforementioned parameters. A considered choice leads to a premium gaming experience. Visit to read the ultimate gaming chair buying guide, make a good choice and enjoy as long as you may!

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